Less Stuff, More Happiness

Can accumulating less stuff bring about more happiness? Can it save time and money? And what about the planet, is it better for the environment? I’d like to invite you to watch a short and powerful TED talk from Graham Hill to explore this question for yourself.

Inspiring, isn’t it? But how do you begin to reduce the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated for so many years? I recommend starting with a smaller space like a kitchen drawer or cupboard and then move on to a linen closet or bedroom. Or, if you feel so inspired, go ahead and tackle an entire room, garage or attic. Whatever you do, just take that first step!

To determine which things should stay and which should go, ask yourself when you used the item last? If it’s been a long while, chances are you won’t miss it. I can attest that after going through my entire house, I’ve never regretted getting rid of a single thing! Another helpful question to ask is, “Would I buy this item again today if it were gone?” Often times the answer is no.

Once you’ve gone through a couple areas of your home, what do you do with the unwanted items that are piling up? How about having a garage sale or listing some items on Craig’s List or Ebay. You can also donate to a favorite charity or second hand store. Always make an effort to minimize the amount of stuff that’s simply trashed and keep in mind that unwanted gadgets and small appliances can be dropped off at local recycling centers.

After cleaning out a few areas around your home you will gain a sense of freedom and become excited to keep going! At this point resist the urge to buy new things to fill up that new-found space. Buy only things that are needed and choose well. From now on think about purchasing quality local products that will last and are made of environmentally friendly materials.

After spending the past couple years simplifying my home I have found that less stuff does indeed equal more happiness! It’s been a very rewarding experience. I have more time, more money and more space. Now all the things in my home are useful or cherished and that makes our home a wonderfully happy and peaceful place to live.

Before I close I’d like to share some of my favorite quotes about simplifying.









I hope you enjoyed these quotes If you would like to see more on this subject and more, click here to visit my quote board on Pinterest.


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