Up-cycled Floral Vases

Chances are you have a few inexpensive floral vases like these stashed away in your home just waiting for the next time you bring home fresh-cut flowers, right? Well, you’re not the only one…here’s my little collection.


Recently I decided that rather than storing these away just for the occasional bouquet of flowers, they could perform double duty as a way to display my air-plants.  Aren’t they gorgeous? And as an added bonus, in these containers, my curious little kitties no longer try to play with them or chew them up!


Before adding air-plants to the container, I filled the bottoms with a little sand. This helps to stand the plants up.


For this one I add a couple shells that Christopher brought home from a family beach trip.


This set is displayed in our master bathroom. While photographing these arrangements, I realized I had some small votive candle holders that could be used for the smallest plants.

If you would like to create a similar display and don’t already have any of these vases or candle holders, look no further than your second-hand shop,  I always see the shelves lined with them! As for acquiring some air-plants, check with your local florist or click here to find listings on Etsy.



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