Catawba Falls

“Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

160801 Kathy at Catawba

Catawba Falls must have been on John Muir’s mind when he uttered these words. This place is absolutely breathtaking! It’s a place I want to return to again and again. A place you can spend countless hours exploring.

Just minutes into our hike we stopped to sit and listen to the trickling waters and appreciate all that was going on around us. We could also hear birds chirp and call to one another. The air smelled fresh and of soil. Tree trunks and rocks were covered in lush green moss. It was all so magical!

Along the way we discovered a picturesque old abandoned stone building also covered in moss. It was incredible! It made me wonder who built it and for what purpose?

160801 Abandoned Building

160801 Catawba Lower

Everywhere we looked there were big rocks and fallen trees scattered around, providing countless places to sit and enjoy the moment.

160801 Catawba Critter

We took our time because we didn’t want miss a thing…colorful mushrooms, flitting butterflies, hidden blooms or tiny critters.

160801 Catawba Scene II

This place made me feel alive and made my soul so very happy. I was encouraged and reminded that I must do all I can to protect our earth.


The only thing better than this place was sharing it with Dan.


The day was bright and sunny and every once in a while I remembered to looked up and enjoy a gimps of blue sky and wispy clouds.

160801 Catawba Sky.jpg

I’m thankful for these images and short video clips we took during our visit. At times I didn’t want to ‘waste’ a single moment taking pictures but now that we’re back home, I’m happy we did so that we can enjoy them again and share them.



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