Sustainable Vacationing

Often times when people think of living a more sustainable or minimalist lifestyle they picture an existence stripped of conveniences and luxuries, but I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth! Take my recent vacation with the hubs to Asheville’s Aloft hotel in the North Carolina Mountains, for example. Just look at this place and tell me you couldn’t rough it here for a few days!


What makes Aloft a more sustainable place to stay is that it’s an eco-friendly  hotel built with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and includes lots of green amenities like bottle-quality reverse osmosis water stations on every floor along with shampoo and shower gel dispensers in each guest bathroom to help cut down on plastic bottle waste!


Want to help save water and energy too? Aloft gives you the option to skip the maid service and enjoy a $5 daily voucher instead!


Did I mention Aloft is a pet friendly hotel? Yep, so all of you animal lovers (like me) can bring Fido with you during your next stay, free of charge! And if you don’t have a dog…adopt one of Aloft’s foster dogs!


These sweet girls were being fostered during our visit. I nearly came home with one!

Interested in staying at an Aloft hotel near you or during your next vacation? Click here for a list of locations. Here’s to happy, sustainable travels and puppy dog kisses!

Additional tips for making your next vacation more sustainable…don’t forget to bring the following reusable items.

For hot and cold beverages to-go, bring your own tumbler.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

For picnics or take-out orders, these bamboo utensils come in handy.

To-Go Ware

I always bring several reusable totes with me on vacation. They’re perfect for dirty clothes, shopping and so much more!

Reusable Shopping Tote



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