My Trashy Little Secret

Remember Woodsy the Owl? The United States Forest Services’ Iconic owl whose slogan is, “Give a hoot! Don’t pollute? Over the years, since 1970 when Woodsy and his campaign were created, he has taught countless children the importance of disposing of trash in a responsible manner…so why is there still so much litter out there?

Some of today’s trash comes from the very trucks used to pick it up, spilling a few pieces here and there as its being collected. It’s also not uncommon to see trash fly away from the backs of pick-up and dump trucks along the highway.


Regardless of where litter comes from it makes me sad to see it so I came up with a way to pitch in and make a difference. For many years now, I BYOB (bring my own bag) to pick up trash whenever I’m on a hike, visiting the beach or on a walk around my neighborhood.

The trash in the photograph above was collected in the space of a 30-45 minute walk in my neighborhood this week! Last weekend, during a Labor Day hike, I picked up a similar bag of litter. And during a trip to Carolina Beach last month…another bag. And now I’d like to tell you about my trashy little secret in hopes of inspiring you and your friends to do the same.

It really feels good to know that all the trash in that photo is no longer floating around my neighborhood! And I think Woodsy would be proud!


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