Up-Cycled Vintage Doilies

Newly listed in my Etsy shop Sustainably Made is this one of a kind hoop art piece I created with a couple up-cycled vintage doilies, some vintage mother of pearl buttons and a little hand embroidery.



I had been saving the smaller doily for a project like this because of a small stain on it. Covering it up with a button solved that problem. The larger doily, was given to me as a thank you when I purchased a vintage item on Etsy some years back. I didn’t really like the doily so I just stashed it away in a drawer until I could put it to good use or find another home for it.


Now I absolutely love it and how it fits a 6″ hoop perfectly…linen on the inside for embroidering on and the crochet accenting around the edge!  It’s just gorgeous! I’m kinda hoping no one will buy it. Ha!

This piece inspires me to see what other items I can up dig up and make something pretty with! I’m sure I’ll find lots to create with when I visit the flea market next weekend!






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