My Favorite Green Bath Products

It’s easy being green (and healthy) with these seven favorite eco-friendly bath products! Tried and true, my family and I have been using them for years!

1. Good Soap


These lovely bars of soap are scented with essential oils and manufactured exclusively for Whole Foods by Alaffia using only sustainable natural ingredients, fair trade practices and zero packaging!

2. Everyone Lotion.


This lotion is not only made with organic ingredients and scented with essential oil, it’s cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free and non-GMO verified. Now if they could just make it available in refillable bottles!

3. Seventh Generation Unbleached Bathroom Tissue


By switching from toilet paper made with all new materials to this brand you will save 68% more energy, 81% more water and 100% percent more trees! Those are impressive numbers! And if you’re already buying tissue made with 100% recycled materials, you can still save 35% more energy and 32% more water by purchasing this unbleached variety instead!

4. Brush with Bamboo


I love these brushes! When it’s time for a new brush, we simply pull out the bristles and toss the handles into the compost bin! Can’t compost*

5.  Preserve Toothbrush


This brush is made from recycled number five plastics like yogurt cups! When you’re ready for a new brush you can re-recycle it by dropping it off in a Gimme Five bin. These bins are located at Whole Foods stores or click here to find additional locations.

6. Preserve Triple Razor


Also manufactured with recycled number five plastics, this razor keeps my legs silky and smooth. And I use the package it comes in as a carrying case for traveling.

7. Flossaid



These dental floss holders have been around for many many years! I bought my first one in the 80s!


Well…that wraps up my list for today. If you have a favorite eco-friendly product you’d like to share? Please leave a comment. I’m always looking for healthy, environmentally friendly goods with minimal packaging.

*If you can’t compost, consider dropping off your compostables at your local farmers market.


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