My name is Kathy and I live in North Carolina with my husband Dan, our teenage son Christopher and two fluffy male kitty cats who adopted us. I’m a creative being, tree huger, animal lover, introverted vegan who enjoys the little things like a hike in the woods, an afternoon cat nap, crochet or sitting on the couch sharing a glass of wine and conversation with my husband.

I started this blog because I’m concerned about our planet and global warming. I’m concerned about animal cruelty and mass extinction. I’m concerned that if every person on this earth were to live the way we do in first world countries, we would need multiple planets to sustain us! Multiple planets?!?! We need to change! This blog is about sharing ideas for living each and every day in harmony with our environment.

Looking back to 1992, when Dan and I married, we lived the typical environmentally friendly lifestyle of the time. We recycled, switched to energy-efficient light bulbs and brought reusable bags to the grocery store. Additionally, we adjusted our thermostats to save electricity, purchased energy-saving appliances, drove fuel-efficient cars and, for a time, commuted to work together. Later in 2004 Dan began working from home full-time which significantly reduced our gasoline consumption.

In 2011 we discovered Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home blog about a family whose entire year’s worth of trash fit into a small glass jar! “How was that possible?” My head was spinning with wonder! I had so many questions. What did the Johnson’s do with their used toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes! I started to notice each and every piece of trash that went into our garbage and wanted to know how in the world they managed it and how we could do the same?

The Zero Waste Home blog became our guide for reducing trash, adopting new habits, rethinking our purchases and simplifying our lives. During this period we also saw the documentary Cowspiracy and adopted a vegan lifestyle to help put an end to the suffering of billions of animals and the impact that animal agriculture has on the planet.

More recently, and one of the most difficult changes I’ve made, was to leave my job in the paper crafting industry because I felt increasingly conflicted about working for a business that manufactures and sells an unsustainable amount of goods. It was an extreme step to give up a paying job that I really loved, but one I needed to take to be true to myself and what I believe.

What’s next? There’s so much more I can do and this blog is a place to share the journey with you.