eBay for Charity

Recently I wrote an article called Less Stuff, More Happiness about reducing the amount of stuff we own and in it I mentioned a couple of ways to put unused household items to good use. Since that post I learned about another awesome way to re-home unused items and help deserving charities all at the same time called the eBay for Charity program. You can donate as little as 10%… Continue reading eBay for Charity

My Favorite Green Bath Products

It’s easy being green (and healthy) with these seven favorite eco-friendly bath products! Tried and true, my family and I have been using them for years! 1. Good Soap These lovely bars of soap are scented with essential oils and manufactured exclusively for Whole Foods by Alaffia using only sustainable natural ingredients, fair trade practices and zero packaging! 2. Everyone Lotion. This lotion is not only made with organic ingredients and scented… Continue reading My Favorite Green Bath Products

Up-Cycled Vintage Doilies

Newly listed in my Etsy shop Sustainably Made is this one of a kind hoop art piece I created with a couple up-cycled vintage doilies, some vintage mother of pearl buttons and a little hand embroidery.   I had been saving the smaller doily for a project like this because of a small stain on it. Covering it up with a button… Continue reading Up-Cycled Vintage Doilies

My Trashy Little Secret

Remember Woodsy the Owl? The United States Forest Services’ Iconic owl whose slogan is, “Give a hoot! Don’t pollute? Over the years, since 1970 when Woodsy and his campaign were created, he has taught countless children the importance of disposing of trash in a responsible manner…so why is there still so much litter out there? Some of today’s… Continue reading My Trashy Little Secret

Farm Sanctuary Auction

Meet Petit Mouton (small sheep), the cross stitched cutie I’ve recently completed and donated to Farm Sanctuary for one of their silent auctions being held this November. Farm sanctuary is an awesome organization with locations in California and New York where rescued farm animals are free to bask in the sun, run and play with their companions or roll around… Continue reading Farm Sanctuary Auction

Open for Business

It’s official! I’ve opened an Etsy shop called Sustainably Made, a place you can purchase my handmade home decor pieces created with supplies from second-hand stores, garage sales, flea markets, vintage shops and more! These first few pieces, listed this week, were created with odds and ends I already had around my home like some pretty vintage mother-of-pearl buttons and lace doilies. One of… Continue reading Open for Business